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Server support

Of course, downtime cannot be ignored

Today's businesses rely on technology more than ever. With that said, all of your tech tools should still be fully operational.

 Any failure can cause lost productivity, and lost opportunities, along with long-term damage to your brand.

 One simple way to estimate the probable loss of revenue from downtime on an annual basis is with this equation: Lost Revenue = (GR/TH) x I x H

GR: gross yearly revenue, TH: total yearly business hours

I: percentage impact, H: number of hours of downtime

 Your SistekData/TERiX partner can help you minimize this impact by offering customized maintenance contracts for your IT environment.

 This is what we can provide you:

  •  Worldwide service
  • We support all major manufacturers and many others:


  • Onsite support could be from Monday-Friday to 7days/24 hours
  • Automated sending of contract renewals 3 months before their end
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your data by offering the possibility of keeping your old defective disk (impossible with certain OEM warranties)
  • Multilingual call center offering 7/24/365 coverage
  • Service requests via our secure online ticketing system, by phone or email
Possibility of coinciding the end dates of the maintenance contract of various manufacturers
  • Have our own technicians
  • Parts depots strategically located in Canada and abroad


Do not hesitate to contact us to get all the information you need to avoid any future painful situations.


Phone: 514-733-7743


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